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Harris Heat Tourney...
by posted 07/29/2020

Thanks so much for all you have done for Harris, you are always welcome at our park.  
In regards to the Harris Heat tournament (per the travel document) it is not included in the $500 to play travel at the park.  It is a benefit we offer to in house teams who agree to work the tournament by collecting gate fees. Entry cost is $400 this year and was not received by your team.
Travel teams will be required to register online under the travel program. The team fee will be $500 for the season. Payment must be received prior to field and/or equipment usage. The per-team fee allows the use of: 
Harris fields 
Harris batting cages 
Harris equipment 
Harris insurance
Harris website 
Harris expertise
The Harris Heat or Storm name
Harris Tax Exempt Status
Additional payment for jerseys, tournaments, etc. will be administered by the manager of the team. 
Players may also participate in a recreational league at the appropriate level but the fee will be the same as any recreational player.
Lastly, we did reach out this morning and offered to re-write the entire 12U tournament, and decided we weren't even going to charge the team (and no gate work either), this offer was denied by the team manager.
Harris Baseball Softball is disappointed to have Midwest USSSA Pride 07 leave our park.  Because our Travel Program gives the autonomy to let the manager of the team decide what is best for their team, we as a board do not micromanage how things are run nor communicate to the individual players and families.  This is a policy that we may have to revisit as a Board.  Please understand that there are two sides to every situation. Our goal at Harris Baseball Softball is to do what's best for the players and families.  If you have questions or feel that your player or family is not welcomed to stay part of Harris Baseball Softball or the Midwest USSSA Pride Program, please contact me at 574-300-2977.  We value all members at our Park and would love to see everyone back for another great season.  
As a Board, we may have some disagreements with a manager but it is never our intention to punish the players and families over disagreements.  We are willing to add Midwest USSSA Pride 07 to the 12U Division Schedule for this weekend. 
We wish you and all the other players the best with wherever you choose to play travel in the future, you will always have a home at Harris.  We greatly value your time spent at Harris and truly wish we could give further detail but can't for legal purposes.
Harris Board

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