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7U MP Fall League Wrap-Up
by posted 10/26/2020

Thank you to everyone for a great fall season at Harris Little League!  (we are officially done, I don't have control over the auto-alerts, so if you are still getting them they should stop soon) The players did an amazing job, their skill developed, they had fun and they learned a lot about the rules of the game.  I think all of our goals for the season were accomplished.  Thank you especially to all of the coaches that came out and helped.  It was a total group effort and they really stepped up to help make it happen.  I had some parents ask about tips or drills they can work with their players on at home, and I thought that putting together a few instructional videos would help.  So I was working on that throughout the year, I just never got around to finishing them.  So, I am trying to do so now.  Below is a link to my first in the series, I hope to have a couple more at least.  At the beginning of the season I sent out a basic skills outline for the league this year which had some things listed under each basic skill (throwing, hitting, etc.) and there were some pictures I pulled to demonstrate it.  This video may help make some of those things more clear.  If you have any questions, email or call me.  My contact is listed on here.  I love coaching these kids and teaching, so please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

Again, thanks for a great fall.  Hope to see you all around the ball park next spring.


I'm not sure if that thing above only plays in the Harris Little League bulletin.  So in case, here is a link to that video via email.



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Final Scrimmage Reminder 4:30
by posted 10/23/2020

Remember, starting time is 4:30 this Sunday. Please allow the softball crowd to clear out before you bring your player out.  Wait in your cars, not as a big cluster around the dugouts/backstop area.  Don't worry, the games won't start without anyone.  It is going to take a little time to get the machines set up.  We will keep the teams as they were last time, in case you forgot I put them below.  I have heard from some that will not be there, and that is fine.  I did not remove their names from the teams.  Hopefully the weather holds out for one more great day!


Nico Badia Charlie Beardsley Jude Bauer Emerson Alt
Benjamin Beardsley Beau Cartwright Eli Brown Noah Bauer
Dominick Dashner Grady Christensen Jack Griggs Ashton Duke
Elijah Deming Eli DeVon Tucker Lashmit Owen Good
Audie Hubbard Jake Imdieke Declan O'Malley Tyler Knight
Elias Schaefer Parker Jerue Hendric Podemski JD McAvoy
Andrew Stahl Dylan Tepe Liam Poulsen Paxton McClain
Bennett Yessa Emmett Victor Gadi Rodriguez Jayden Saldena
Harrison Smith Westen Wheeler Emmett Sears Max Thompson
    Colton Wynn Jack Schuman


Orange vs. Blue - Field 5

Red vs. Green - Field 6


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7U Machine Pitch Canceled
by posted 10/18/2020

Looing bad now, games today (10/18/20) are canceled

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Today's Scrimmages
by posted 10/18/2020

Today's Games 10/18/20

I was just about to cancel, but the radar now is showing that things are breaking up and Granger is kind of right on the edge of this system moving in.  It looks like about 50/50.  I hate to cancel since we only have today and next week left.  So I will plan to be at the field and ready to go.  If you choose to stay home, that is fine.  For those who want to play, even if we have to combine teams to just one game we can still make it work.  The temp is falling, and if it does start to rain I won't hesitate to call it off.  But as of now, I will plan to be there.

Same teams as last week, Orange vs. Green on field 5 and Blue vs. Red on field 6

-Coach JD

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7UFall Machine Pitch
by posted 10/13/2020

I just want to clarify since a lot of parents have been asking - my hope is to make it a couple more weeks until Sunday 25th, weather pending of course.  Looks to be a little cooler this week, but no rain forecasted tomorrow so we could be in luck.  I will notify everyone of cancelations via email and text, and I understand if you should choose not to come based on preferences.  At this point, any opportunity to get out there is a bonus.  So for those players who want to be there, we will make the most of it.  I am so happy to see the players' excitement to be there every day.  It is getting harder and harder to convince the kids that it is time to go home after practice is over - we should all be proud of that.  See you on the field!

-Coach JD

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by posted 09/01/2020

Welcome to Harris fall baseball baseball!  First of all, I am very excited to help provide this opportunity and thrilled with the interest we have from the players as well as coaches who volunteered to help.  I expect there to be conflicts as our lives are starting to get busy with school, work and everything else again.  Regardless if you are listed as a coach, if there is anyone else willing to pitch in occasionally please let me or one of the other coaches know before a practice and we can definitely put you to use.  I have taken the reigns to organize the fall season in a clinical fashion.  Each practice will have a series of stations for which drills will be laid out in a progressive fashion so that no one will be expected (except me) to plan or do anything special other than help run a station.  So don't let lack of experience or ability to commit full time stop you from helping out! 

If you received Andy's email, you know we are slated for Wednesday evenings 5:30 - 7:00 and Sundays 4:00 ~ 6:00.  We start TOMORROW (9/2/2020).  However, this Sunday the 6th we will take off for the Labor Day weekend, and next Wednesday the 9th the fields are not available - so no practice then either.  We will resume Sunday the 13th.  We do intend to work in some scrimmaging/games, but no scores or standings will be tracked.  In fact, the teams will vary week by week to give kids the opportunity to play and get to know eachother and evenly match the teams.  My plan is to post a bulletin like this (and email) on the web page after Wednesday's practice (sometime before Sunday) assigning each player a team color to wear for the game that week.  Please notify me if your child cannot make that week's game by Wednesday so I can divide them up accordingly - maybe 2 teams, maybe 4 pending numbers.  Hopefully the weather permits us to go until Nov 1st, but we'll see.  Also, players can wear shorts for practice, but try and make sure they wear pants to games. 


Yes, we still have a Covid pandemic going on.  So let's not forget that when you are all at the park.  It can get crowded along the sidelines - please try and distance OR wear masks if you come out to watch.  The kids will be broken up into small groups, staying out of the dugouts and no equipment sharing allowed - just like the summer season.  If you or your child is not feeling well or have had recent first hand exposure to someone with Covid PLEASE STAY HOME.  I noticed things getting pretty lax down the stretch of the summer season in those regards, so pleaes be very cautious and respectful of others especially since many kids will start going back to school in person soon.  I would hate for the season to have to shut down early due to irresponsibility on our part.

Lastly, I want to share with you my philosophy and why I am so excited to be doing this.  I am a strong believer in youth sports programs and hate to see participation in so many parts of the country receding.  I feel there is too strong of a push for kids to partake in travel teams and not enough support for recreational or instructional opportunities.  Cost, time commitment, and lack of opportunity drive so many away at such a young age.  Many parents are under the impression that if they really want their child to get better at a sport, it can only be done via travel team.  A lot of it comes down to the volunteers/coaches who are willing to make opportunities like this happen.  Obviously there is a vast range of ability/growth/talent at this age, and it takes a lot of effort and patience to reach all players simultaneously.  The spring/summer season does not allow much time for practice and coaches are scrambling during game time to try and teach/coach kids on the fly which is successful for some, but others get lost in the mix.  My plan for this fall is to coach to all ability levels, work them along the same progression of skill to succeed at the next level, but at their own pace, so that no player gets either slowed down or left behind.  I believe every player out there will get better as the weeks go by.  In addition to that, they will feel successful and proud of their progress, creating a positive experience and excitement about the game of baseball.  My goals as a coach at this level are to have fun, teach necessary skills and hope that every player signs up to play again.  With some trust in me by each of you, I believe I can organize a fall baseball clinic that achieves those goals.

Reach out to me if you have any questions, comments or concerns.  If my ambition holds up, I also will put together some coaching guides and post some YouTube videos of some drills and tips you can work with your kids at home on.  Looking forward to seeing everyone on the fields!

-Jon Deming


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